G&M Gioelli Caruana was founded in 1978 and has always distinguished itself by proposing Made in Italy jewels, synonymous with excellence in the best tradition of Italian jewellery.

Creativity, design and entrepreneurship are the key elements that have guided the Caruana family for almost forty years, along with a heartfelt love for an art that has been passed down from generation to generation and that still defines the second generation at the helm of the company today.

From the outset, it has sought continuously and persistently to achieve its aim of establishing a productive structure aligning collections of fine jewellery to the enhancement of the skilled and centuries old art of working coral. The unique Sciacca coral, of which we boast a splendid private collection and a rigorously artisan production, takes pride of place.

In line with the development of the luxury market, the coral is combined with precious and non-precious materials: string and leather locks, silk scarves and crochet work interwoven with coral. Standing out among all of these is the combination with ceramics, which is also a typical ancient Sciacca art that brings together the two age-old traditions and gives birth to an unmistakable style and charm.