Easy luxury. Hand-made coral jewelry born of the ancient sicilian arts of coral and ceramics.
Perfect fusion of craftsmanship, design and originality. The creation encapsulates tradition, innovation and uniqueness.


Tribute to the Mediterranean Sea, to the “Isola che non c'è”.
The Collection select specific color tone of Sciacca Coral, in harmonious combination with semi-precious stones like
jasper wood and Opalite wood.


Fashion jewel. Metal wires in silver spiral shape are joined to form a soft and lightweight fabric sewed with small coral.
Creation from the innovative content, greatly ductile but always combined with the craftsmanship.


Traditional handcraft combined with alternative semi-precious materials and gemstones. Freshwater gold pearls, peridot, onyx and water buffalo horn. This Collection is inspired by the themes of the ancient tradition of coral work.